Inflammation Reduction RayInflammation is the body’s natural response to outside influences that it deems to be a threat.  When the threat is no more and inflammation remains it causes problems in the body such as swelling, tissue damage and pain.  Inflammation is a protective attempt by your body to remove the injurious stimuli and the get healing process moving forward.

Inflammation is necessary for a wound to heal, but must be carefully regulated by a person’s body.  Different cells become present at the location if inflammation lasts longer than is necessary to heal the original reason it was triggered.  When the ratio is not correct more cells can be destroyed than are healed and regenerated.  Autoimmune diseases occur when the body’s own immune system appropriately triggers the inflammation response when there is no cause for it to do so.  Many types of arthritis are worsened by inflammation.  Inflammation can occur in organs and other important pathways in the body and can be difficult to diagnose.

Reduction of inflammation, while the underlying reasons for the inflammation are sought and treated by your health care provider can be helpful.  Inflammation Reduction Ray helps our body be willing to reduce the inflammation so your immune system’s response can be ‘reset’ and allow the area to heal and other curative measures to be better received.

Inflammation Reduction Ray is guided by eternal divine intelligence and your conscious will and direction.  This ray will flow to where it is most needed.  You may need to activate this ray often to bring a strong enough concentration of the energy into our body to reverse the condition of inflammation.   You can activate the energy of this system for yourself or others, including animals, either in person or at a distance.

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher you may send others the Inflammation Reduction Ray attunement.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture