Magickal Dolphin HealingMagickal Dolphin Healing is a beautiful healing energy, it heals very deep trauma on soul and karmic levels.  The dolphins have such amazing healing abilities, which is why this modality is so powerful in its ability to transmute deep emotional and physical trauma.

This Magickal Dolphin Healing will help allow women to take back their power and men to honor the power of women without feeling intimidated by it.  This helps facilitate bringing back the balancing energies of the male and female to support each other instead of feeling the power struggles that are so commonplace in our society today.

This energy works with women and men in different ways, and there are also aspects that work for both masculine and feminine energies.  Also remember that the human form has both male and female energies so healing will take place with the male aspect of a woman and the female aspect of a man as well.

Male Energy:
Guilt/pain in relationships hurting women over lifetimes.
Allowing women to stand side by side in relationships.
Letting go of using power to dominate.
Allows men to support women and love them on a deeper level.

Female Energy:
Forgiveness for being hurt by men over lifetimes.
Bringing the power of the woman back and feeling positive in this reconnection.
Allowing the energy or receptivity to return.
Great for mothers who always put themselves behind everyone else’s needs.
Releases anger toward males.

Energy for both Male and Female:
Releases deep hurts in relation to sexual issues.
Heart pain.
Ability to understand why physical pain exists, which allows for the healing to occur (understanding illness provides the opportunity for it to be healed.)
Brings the energy of joy and fun back into your life.
Helps to heal intimacy issues.
Great to bring manifestation from the energetic form to the physical realm.

This system includes:
Dolphin Breathing Technique
Dolphin Meditation


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso