Pure Light Source Energy Healing ReikiPure Light Source Energy Healing Reiki connects you to pure light source energy to bring powerful healing and ascension in your energies.  The pure light energy of source clears out dark energies and illness to speed healing and enhance the source of light within you.  With this pure light source energy, all things are possible.

Pure Light Source Energy is the essence of all healing, love and light.  The creative source energy is in all things, and even in the space between all things.  It is pure energy.  This energy is always moving, always changing and always transforming.  This is why once you become focused on connecting to source, the pure light source energy can be tapped into and used to change our life, to heal your wounds and illnesses, and to transform into the desires you want to manifest.

Being able to create our desires begins as we connect to the source of all that is, all that has ever been and all that will ever be.  It is pure energy and it is the essence of all life – it is source energy.  From the moment you think of what you want to create or manifest – your desires – it is created in the ethers.  It is there, created with your thoughts, and waiting for you to bring it into the material world.  This is true expansion.  You create with thought in the energy world – which is an expansion of what you were before you desired it.

Creating the things, the body, the life we want is easy.  It begins with thought – thought and desire create it as energy – it is transformed energy.  And it is real, it is yours and it does exist.


Pure Light Source Energy heals all things.  It heals your body, mind and spirit.  It heals situations of lack and limitation.  It creates opportunities, success and abundance.  It is all that is, and it is a part of you.  It IS you.

There are two symbols included in this system to help you to connect to the energies.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)