Quantum Core HealingQuantum Core Healing rejuvenates the body by working on a cellular level to stimulate the body’s cells, which convert the light energy into chemical energy to promote natural healing.

Quantum Core Healing gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension and old holding patterns out of the body and clears cellular memory to support perfect healing.  When the body is holding stress, it can cause blockages in the body, which can lead to imbalance and dis-ease.  Its energy frequency improves metabolism, circulation and tissue healing which transforms damaged cells into healthy cells.  Hence when the cells are healthy, the body knows how to efficiently repair itself and does so at an incredibly accelerated speed, allowing you to discover more balance and energy.  Results are often felt during the treatment.

Quantum Core Healing benefits:
Decrease/eliminate pain
Reduce inflammation
Strengthens the immune system
Increases circulation
Activates lymphatic flow
Promote new blood vessels and tissue growth
Promote nerve axon growth and regeneration
Faster wound healing and closure

Quantum Core Healing works to present a transformation moment within our very core cells:  at the heart of our cellular level.  It uses the energy of light and color to bring more accurate and efficient healing frequency to our body.  When we present a light in a certain color by visualization within our mind, our bodies will be stimulated to give a right response to it.  This system combines color light therapy with powerful and effective visualization to speed our cells growth and regeneration.

The manual includes descriptions of the healing qualities of many colors and a meditation to help you to connect to the energy of Quantum Core Healing.

Special treatments included in Quantum Core Healing:
Arthritis Treatment
Wounds Treatment
Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment
Anti-Aging Treatment

Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana