Quantum Quattro EnergyQuantum Quattro Silica is an immune system builder that is able to work within the DNA structure and cellular level to re-polarize and magnetically open the gateways to God’s direct healing light.  It is effective in healing past grief induced trauma that is locked within the emotional energy field and the body’s cells, causing pain in both areas.  It can and will align all energy bodies, all chakras – both on the body and above and below it – if it is used with sincere prayer and peaceful meditation.

Quantum Quattro Energy can help you with:
Clears and absorbs all forms of energy
Dissolving emotional disturbance
Releases blockages of repressed negative emotions
Provides inner strength
Bolsters the immune system
Heals grief from past trauma
Aligns all the chakras
Brings mental clarity when placed on the Third Eye

This energy can be used during an application of Reiki or separately but first you need to activate the Quantum Quattro Energy to you.  It may be used during healing sessions, in meditation, while journeying or during the dream state for enhanced experiences

Founder:  Maria Joao Sereno

This attunement is sent by chi ball only.