Rainbow Dragonfly Reiki - Healing EmpowermentThe Rainbow Dragonfly Reiki – Healing Empowerment connects you to source energy of love and light, and to the spirit of the Dragonfly.  This system also connects you to a beautiful rainbow energy that heals and empowers you with joy, strength, abundance, love, and healing.  It is an amazing energy that appears as streaks of pastel colored shimmering light.  The energies will help you to clearly see your path with no emotional blockages to the issues.  It brings forth a calming, a hope, a knowing that something positive is coming and it helps you to discover this within you so you can manifest it.  It works to heal any issue, any situation and any illness.  And always – it fills you with hope and positive love, light and healing strength to see it through to completion.  It keeps you focused and field with the energies to succeed.

Dragonflies bring in an energy of inspiration and creativity.  They are also representations of communications with faeries.  Whenever you see Dragonflies, you can be assured that there are faeries near.  This attunement draws in the wonder of all that is beautiful and all that is new.

Dragonflies are predatory in nature, and in that regard they are protectors in that they eat insects that are harmful to crops and to us.  They reflect the light, which causes rainbows of color to flash across their bodies.  They are wonderful in bringing forth enchantments and beauty along with the flashes of inspiration that moves through us to give us new perspective on things that need a fresh start or a new way of moving forward.

If you need healing, look to the fresh perspective and creative visions that may offer a way to speed healing.   If you are looking for love – look to the faeries and the fresh new love and romance that is coming in whenever you have dragonflies around.  The energies of the Rainbow Dragonflies open the path to opportunities you may have overlooked, whether it be in love, friendships, finances or healing.

This system includes one symbol to help you to connect to the energies.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)