Recovery ReikiRecovery Reiki connects to the unlimited healing energies of the Universal Creative Source Energy.  This energy helps to heal and restore your personal energies.  Anytime you have gone through changes, or face challenges, during times of loss or trauma, there will be emotional and mental and even physical damage to your energy fields and personal power.  Recovery Reiki works to quickly bring in healing and speed recovery for any illness, treatment, loss, or trauma that you or others you love may have experienced.

Whenever you have a physical illness or injury, it affects your mental and emotional energies as well, and sometimes if it is a serious enough issue it can also affect your spiritual energies too.  And any emotional issue or trauma of any kind has an effect on your energy fields and reflects back to cause physical illness as well.  All things are connected, and one always has an impact on the other.

When you have any emotional crisis or traumatic experience everything can be affected in ways that lead to physical illness and disease.  Things like loss of a loved one, divorce or even financial loss are all serious things that cause great stress and anxiety.  An abusive experience is not only physical, but emotional, spiritual and mental and changes your entire energy field, until you can heal and recover.

Recovery can often take a very long time – days and in some cases weeks, and for things that are more serious it can often take months or even years to recover.  But if you choose to recover, if you want to recover, you will eventually heal in all areas and recover.  Whatever the issue or illness, you must want to have and be a Well BE-ing in order to be well.  Therefore, the first step in healing is to want to be well, to open your mind to recovery and to believe and know you deserve and are worthy and to know you can be well, to believe it is possible for you.  And so it is!

A symbol is included in this system to help you speed recovery.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)