Spirit Of GaiaSpirit Of Gaia is a powerful energy system, which has properties to keep you grounded and protected, and secures your aura within the physical world.  It aligns us with the magnetic core of earth and connects us with Spirit of Mother Gaia to access the resource and reground energy so we can draw the vibration from the earth that enables us to become grounded and discharge into the earth our excess energy.

Spirit Of Gaia is a strong Mother Earth Energy to strengthen the very foundation of our being, within everyday life as an anchor into physicality.  This energy system is very useful and helpful to everyone and especially to spiritual people to ground themselves after intense spiritual experience.  It can help us to have a balanced and harmonious state within our body and all auric layers during day-to-day activities as well.

Spirit Of Gaia is also a strong and powerful psychic protection to keep our auric body clear, bright, lightful and healthy.  This energy has abilities to transmute and transform negative attachment from surrounding and/or to discharge it through our Sole Chakras as grounding.  It is very strong to deflect and vanish black magic and metaphysical attack, and is also useful to give protection to places, buildings, offices, houses, rooms, etc.

Spirit Of Gaia has a high frequency of Mother Earth Energy, which improves our Base/Muladhara Chakra that governs our survival mode and gives infinite possibilities to achieve wealth.  Its energy has great healing properties to overcome backache, leg aches, overweight, underweight, anemia and bone problems.  This energy system will connect with the spirit of Mother Earth and all its manifestation to improve fertility, vitality, emotional balance, heal our past life negative patterns, and unlock the wisdom of life within us.    It has fully supportive energy as a mother who cares and loves her children.

Included in this system:
Connect The Spirit Of Mother Gaia
Accessing Gaia Energy Core


Founder:  Jalu Wasonoadi