Super Cells Youthful CareWhen we are vibrantly healthy, our bodies’ cells are functioning at their peak.  They use nutrients and eliminate wastes efficiently, and they contribute fully to the health of the entire organism.  We can say that a healthy cell is one that is doing a good job of following the “blueprint” for how it is supposed to work.

Indeed, within every cell lies its “blueprint” for optimal health.  This is a pattern of energy frequencies that provides the cell with an ideal picture of how it should function and how to repair itself when needed.  The information in our cells’ blueprints allows us to heal from anything, whether it’s the flu, a paper cut, pneumonia, cancer, sunburn or a broken heart.

As we age our cells tend to “forget” and stray from their blueprints.  Over a lifetime, as we experience times of less-than-ideal nutrition, emotional ups and downs, environmental toxins and the general stress of living, these experiences leave their marks on our cells.  These cellular deposits are both physical and energetic.  They obstruct the cells’ “vision” of their blueprints.  When the cells cannot read their blueprints clearly, they naturally begin to stray from them.  Dysfunction, illness and other symptoms of age related decline begin to set in.  The body’s ability to respond to and recover from stresses diminishes.

Super Cells Youthful Care was channeled and designed to do the following:
Help cells regain their awareness of their natural blueprints
Restore the body’s flexibility and adaptability, will foster health and longevity

The healing energy of Super Cells Youthful Care reawakens our cells to and keeps them focused on their blueprints, thus helping to reestablish the cells adaptability.  This effectively reverses the negative effects of aging and lets us tap into our inner reservoir of radiant vitality.  It encourages the cells to accept the blueprints’ information so they can begin their return to glowing health.

Super Cells Youthful Care is a great and simple way to help us unlock the secrets of longevity.  By stimulating our cells’ capacity for self-renewal, this system can halt and even reverse the negative effects of aging.  Working with Super Cells Youthful Care can help us reap the reward that growing older is meant to provide:  a deepening and expansion of our capacity for life.  This system awakens the deep wisdom.

Super Cells Youthful Care has two symbols to help you connect to the energy.  The manual teaches you to create a Youthful Water and includes a relaxation exercise.


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso