Wild Goddess WithinThe purpose of the Wild Goddess attunement is to help free you of all the sexual and emotional restrictions that you have placed on yourself.  When you carry anger, sadness, fear, childhood trauma etc. around within your heart and soul, you don’t allow the true Wild Goddess within you out.  After receiving this empowerment you will that you will discover the relationship you desire or enrich your current relationship.  Wild Goddess Within is designed to help you recapture or discover the Divine Sacred Feminine Wild Goddess within.

A Wild Goddess truly feels and believes that she is sensual.  She walks, talks and carries herself as if she is wrapped in satin and adorned with pearls.  She’s irresistible.

A Wild Goddess is a woman who knows deep within her soul that she owns every room she walks into, every door she walks through and every path she follows.

A Wild Goddess is a woman who is not afraid to express her sensual, erotic and sexual self.  She feels the freedom.

This system includes:
Wild Goddess Clearing Process
Wild Goddess Affirmations
Would you like to attract a Wild God?

Founders:  Rosemary Noel and Linda Kaye