Astral StarAlla Sharkia, the founder of this system, channeled the energy for Astral Star from Ascended Master Kuthumi.  As is known, the human body consists of other bodies including the astral body.  During dreams this body is separated from our physical body, which is in full relaxation, and travels on the astral world so that we are able to see dreams.

When our physical body is not weakened, communication with an astral body even during a dream is considerably insignificant, and in this case the person does not see dreams, they pass without details being remembered.  We are closely connected with all events that occur during the day.  At times these events influence our sincere condition much more than we realize, and the stresses that have been gone through during the day, or a surplus of emotions leave us unbalanced, which can influence communication with an astral body.

The energy of the Astral Star is characterized by white light, light of clarification and transformation.  It is the Light of peace and love.  This energy opens a world of harmony and relaxation.

Astral Star includes four initiations, with an interval of 48 hours between each one.  The fourth initiation is the Master Teacher Degree, which allows you to teach and attune others.  You can work with this system for yourself or others, in person or at a distance.

This attunement can be sent in real time,  you will need to call in Levels 2, 3 and 4 in your own time, or it can be sent by chi ball.

Two meditations are included in the manual to help you work with the energy of Astral Star.

Prerequisite:  Kundalini Reiki 3

Founder:  Alla Sharkia