Bio Life KundaliniBio Life Kundalini is a comprehensive energy system that gently and effectively dissolves away any plugs in your chakras or spine that previously inhibited your Kundalini’s movement and rise within your body.  It activates in every cell’s nuclei and DNA spiral fueling you through your microcosm.

Bio Life Kundalini gives you greater access to your soul’s wisdom, beckons your Kundalini to rise and enhance your sexual magnetism.  This system functions by the intelligence of Eternal Sacred Source.

Kundalini is said to be a person’s sacred sexuality and creativity.  It is your own energy, yet it can draw easily on universal energy to gain intensity.  Once awakened, it will also activate your fight or flight response, giving a boost of energy and power when needed.

Kundalini is a potential of energy that is a sacred creative force that resides coiled and still in the perineum area of most people.  There are natural plugs in your spine and various chakras that restrict the Kundalini’s movement.

Kundalini can awaken due to intense orgasmic experience or unusual spiritual awakening and begin to move up your spine and through your back.  If there are still some of the energy plugs in place, especially at the base of your skull, the pressure build up can be horribly painful.  Kundalini energy should be able to move easily up your spine, through your skull and out the top of your head.  It used to be that the Kundalini would not rise until all of the plugs were dissolved.  However nowadays, for many reasons, Kundalini energy is more anxious to awaken and move through a person’s body even before all the plugs are dissolved.  Many people’s souls are trying to get much accomplished in this one lifetime.  Many people are asking to fully awaken to be all they can be!

The natural energetic plugs dissolve slowly over time as a person’s spiritual maturity increases.  Bio Life Kundalini assists in the smooth release of the plugs that naturally restrict its movement so it can awaken naturally when it is ready.  This attunement will awaken within the nuclei of each cell in your body, your DNA.  Your Kundalini may travel the ‘usual’ path up your spine, but it will also be active within each cell of your body.  This greatly increases its Bio Life activity in every part of your body.  Each cell of your body will have ease of access to Eternal Creative Power from beyond physicality.  Bio Life Kundalini energy is understood by your body’s cells as fuel and instructions for optimal health and stamina.  Each rung on the spirals of your DNA will fire with your Divine Expression of Creativity, Sexuality and Enlightenment in perfect resonance with your Soul.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture