Children's Ladybug ProtectionChildren’s Ladybug Protection works particularly well on children, but can be used on adults as well as empowering the person with the qualities that the Ladybug is attributed with.  Children can be attuned to this system and can learn how to use this energy or you can use the form for their protection.  This is a multi-purpose form that also attunes you to the energy and attributes of the ladybug.

Ladybug Attributes:

Children’s Protection


True Love

Good Fortune

Emblem of Luck


Children’s Ladybug Protection can be used as a protection form for children, but also adults if need to so they can help the children in their lives as well.  The vibration of Ladybug energy is also part of this attunement so you can use it for aspects concerning Love, Good Fortune, etc.  This is not a healing form in any way, but a spiritual and life enhancement form.  This can raise one’s vibrational level of Love to draw in their soulmate, and can also work on issues of Self-Love concerning the inner most issues of one’s soul and working past and through them to raise your vibrational energetic level to that which is a positive one of Love.  The Ladybug is a major symbol of good fortune and luck.  In addition, it can be used to cleanse areas, bring about good fortune, luck and positivity.

Founder:  Nicole Lanning