Clear and Protect Spiritual Hygiene 2014 ReikiClear and Protect Spiritual Hygiene Reiki connects you to and puts you in synchronization with clearing and protection vibrations immediately after your attunement.  This version is 300 times greater than the original system.

Clear and Protect Spiritual Hygiene Reiki Benefits:
Removal of Vibrational Contamination
Energy Vampirism and Psychic Attacks
Clearing Other People’s Emotions
Clearing and Repairing Energetic Body
Anger Release
Psychic Protection
Divine Shielding
Removal of Illness Resulting From Psychic Attacks
Body Communication
Body Consciousness
Removing Yourself From Other People’s Pictures of Reality

The vibrations of Clear and Protect Spiritual Hygiene Reiki flow on an as needed basis so you will receive precisely what you need at the time you activate or reactivate the energies.  No energies will be forced or strained.  The energy of this system is specifically geared toward those of you who have to engage with toxic people in the work place, family, etc., and its energies will pull you out of the vortex of their negativity.

Functions of Clear and Protect Spiritual Hygiene Reiki:

1.  Clearing Physical, Emotional and Etheric Bodies – clears away other people’s pictures of reality by removing their toxicities and imprints from your energy field.

2.  Divine Shielding Orb of Protection – encompasses you in defense and shelter, including preservation from loss, injury and annoyance by others.

3.  Divine Shield, Divine Armor and Etheric Power Sword – to protect yourself, your family and your sacred spaces.

4.  Restoration of Eternal Sacred Source and Body Communication – body communication with your body consciousness is restored.


Reactivation of the energies of this system are done by intention, and can be used for yourself or another with their permission.

Anyone can receive this attunement.  It is recommended  that you be a Usui or Seichim Master to attune others.

Founder:  Rosemary Noel