Crystalline Synchronicity RaysCrystalline Synchronicity Rays are energies for inciting synchronicity premonitions and harnessing synchronistic momentum in your life.  Once activated, synchronicity opportunities will be plentiful; as this harmonious energy flows, everything happens effortlessly because the dynamisms of your instincts and intuition presentiments are heightened.

Synchronicity occurs when you are in perfect alignment with the flow of your actions, thoughts and ideals along with that of Spirit.  Whilst synchronistic events are at first glance seemingly pure chance or coincidence, when you are tuned into the Crystalline Synchronicity Activation Rays you will recognize that these events are meaningful coincidences and divine connection; drawing angelics, spirit guides, ascended masters and inter-dimensional beings to you who will guide you to higher consciousness levels and a more abundant life on all levels.

Certain stones have compelling vibrations to increase synchronicities.
Labradorite:  a stone for intuition, serendipity and right-timing
Merlinite:  encourages synchronicities
Rainbow Moonstone – increases the number of synchronicities
Snowflake Obsidian – brings an awareness of synchronicities

The system attunes you to the energies of these stones and teaches you to use their etheric energy to make a Crystalline Synchronicity Rays Infusions with either oils or water.

Please be a Reiki Master to attune others.

Founder:  Rosemary Noel