Divine BreathDivine Breath is a beautiful modality that pulls the high vibration of Divine Love down into the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus and channels it into the Root Chakra to help promote vitality and confidence.  This action can help to bring an overall appreciation for life, lifting up any negative emotions, to be transmuted into positive, and integrated into daily living.

Clearing and activating the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, Divine Breath amplifies one’s virtues and helps one to learn to live by them, by inhibiting the influence of negative energy and by enhancing the positive will.  Those who have had traumatic experiences can use Divine Breath to help heal the rifts left in the psyche, making room for Divine energy to enter into the Heart.  This enables Divine Breath to exert its influence by activating sympathy and compassion for others as well as for the self.

Divine Breath has a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser.  The purifying energy of this system cleans out stored negative energy from the body and can be used to clear out old energy patterns and to increase personal motivation and drive.  It is also a good choice to combine with other modalities for distance healing work because it amplifies the energy being sent.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso