Exalted Kundalini Shakti   Exalted Kundalini Shakti strengthens your connection to Shakti and Kundalini.  Shakti is the divine feminine force that is within all things.

Exalted Kundalini Shakti Assists With:
Heightened Intuition
Heightened Imagery
Heightened Meditation
Heightened Self-Knowledge
Mental Control
Unlimited Creative Potential

Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy, which embodies the vibrant forces that move through the universe.  Shakti is responsible for creation and all change, and brings liberation.

Kundalini is a psycho-spiritual force which when awakened will rise through many levels of manifestation.  It is liquid light that integrates both psychological growth and spiritual attunement.  It is the awakening of Eternal Sacred Source Within.

The psycho-spiritual force of Kundalini brings higher levels of consciousness, self-empowerment and the unlimited creative potential that exists within each of us.  The universe is within us and we are within the universe.

As Kundalini rises through each chakra, the lotus within each chakra opens and its flower petals lift upward.  The awakened Kundalini has a purifying effect on the body, mind and spirit as it travels returning to Eternal Sacred Source.  The awakening you will experience is dependent upon your unique spiritual individualism.

The extensive manual for this attunement discusses the meaning of Shakti, the quintessence of sacred feminine power, and Shiva, the symbol for consciousness and the masculine principle.  It explains the meaning of Kundalini, and describes the movement of Kundalini through the chakras and nadis.

Prerequisite:  Kundalini Reiki

Founder:  Rosemary Noel