Faery Spirit Healing ReikiFaery Spirit Healing Reiki connects you to the realm of the Fae and heals your wounded spirit.  It lifts your sorrow and raises your vibrational energies so that you can cope with emotions and regain control of your life.  So often, we work and we try so hard to overcome trials and challenges that we can become sort of beaten down by it all and overwhelmed.  Faery Spirit Healing Reiki works to eliminate feelings of being overwhelmed and oppressed by issues and circumstances. It gives you a spiritual energy boost and helps you to regain positive perspective so you can achieve your goals and take back control of your life.

Faeries are masters at healing your heart and soul. They are so full of life light, and joy that their presence around you can light your path and brighten your heart.  As humans, we often do not fully understand the how our emotions and feelings can drop us down into lower levels of energy. We tend to get caught up in the moment and the experiences we are living and it draws our focus and attention away from the light.  While most of us do not understand how a tiny faery could possibly help us out of the hole we have dug ourselves into, it may come as a surprise to you to discover that a little faery and her light, can show you the way.

The Fae are offering their assistance in the energies of this attunement to help you by using their faery light to show you the way, to light your path, to lift you up and brighten your heart.

The faeries will offer you the energy of their faery light in the symbol for this attunement, to help you overcome and crawl out of the pit and back into the light.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)