Fire WolfThe Fire Wolf Essence is a magical essence system, which blends the Element of Fire’s passion, transformation and potency with the energies of the noble Wolf.

Fire Wolf associations include fierce loyalty, high intellect, cunning, strategy and community.  Fire Wolf embodies passion, strength, authority, fury, action and intensity.

Fire Wolf is a powerful communicator that will enhance your ability to communicate with verbal eloquence, and will help you master incantations as well as non-verbal communication such as eye contact, touch and movement.  Fire Wolf essence is transformative, virile and illuminates the soul.

Fire Wolf Essence sheds light and purifies.  Fire Wolf Essence can destroy negativity and defines your boundaries and protects them.  Your life path and business strategic plans develop clearly.

Physically this essence will bring purification and health to the spleen, liver, pancreas and adrenal glands.

Fire Wolf Benefits May Assist With:
Augment Family Unit/Business Units
Building Integrity
Defining/Protection Your Boundaries
Dispensation of Negativity
Dispelling Replicated Gossip
Earn Respect of Peers and Competitors
Empowerment/Personal Power
Honing Primal Instincts and Senses
Increase Effectiveness of Invocations
Instinctually Know Predator/Enemy Intents
Intensify Personal Power
Loyalty of Others
Obliteration of Black Magic
Outmaneuver Rivals
Path Finding
Preserves Marriage Commitment

Included in this system are a symbol to help you to connect to the energies, Fire Wolf Correspondences, and instructions for creating and using two different kinds of infused Fire Oils.

Level One  for personal use only.  If you would like to share this energy with others or pass the system to others you will need to purchase Fire Wolf Master.


Fire Wolf Master contains both Level 1 and Level 2. After your attunement to Level 2 you may share energies for yourself, share energies with others with their permission, and also attune others.  You must be a Reiki Master Teacher to receive the Master attunement.