Full Lights StreamingFull Lights Streaming enhances your ability to accept and be healed by the life force by breaking up blockages n the flow of all seven color rays throughout your physical and inner aspects.

Color rays are the most fundamental building blocks of all living things, including human beings.  At a fundamental level, even our atoms and subatomic particles consist of color rays.  Therefore, any excesses, deficiencies or blockages in the flow of the color rays that comprise your being can have an enormous influence on your health, life situation, and even the experiences and people you attract or repel.

Each of your life lessons and karmic situations, including any physical conditions, is a manifestation of an excess, deficiency and/or blockage of color rays.  Ideally, when you resolve the underlying karma or learn the lesson, the resulting color-ray imbalances and blockages clear themselves.  However, because the physical body is reluctant to change even when the change is in its best interest, sometimes the color-ray imbalances fail to correct themselves fully, even when you have resolved the karma or learned the lesson.  When this happens, the related life situation or physical condition may not disappear with the lesson.

Full Lights Streaming addresses these life situations and lessons while nourishing you at a fundamental level with the seven color rays.  This energy works on all aspects of your being simultaneously to disintegrate the blockages that lead to color-ray excesses or deficiencies.  It also helps to break up the limiting states of consciousness that can prevent you from learning the lessons and resolving the karma associated with color-ray imbalances and blockages.  It can help you move beyond many undesirable situations and provides your body with the impetus to resolve any imbalances or blockages


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso