Goddess of Pure PotentialThe Goddess of Pure Potential Empowerment connects you to the Goddess of personal power and your creativity that exists within. The very essence of all that ever has been, is now, or ever will be, exists deep within your heart and is nestled in the seat of your soul. The energies of this attunement connect you to the very source of pure potential, the Goddess of life that keeps the fires of passion burning, to bring form to thoughts, ideas, and desires, through creativity. The Goddess of Pure Potential comes forward to empower you to create your life as you wish it to be. “Find your passion,” She whispers, “and give it life through love and joy.”

The Goddess of Pure Potential lives within you. She touches your heart, sparks the magick in your soul, and lights the fire of passion within. She is Goddess of Earth, Sea, Sky, and Flame. The Goddess of Pure Potential breathes life into your dreams and desires, and works her Magick to draw Success to you. It is She, who whispers truth into your ear, and it is She, who inspires your visions of the wonders that can be.

The Goddess of Pure Potential is the feminine aspect of your being, and her connections to the elements increase the energies of any work you may choose to do. She encourages you to move with grace, with purpose, and with confidence. If there is an issue to deal with, it is the Goddess of Pure Potential, which opens the path and presents all choices so that you can see clearly every direction. You only need to ask for Her guidance to receive the answer and know clearly your path of power.

The Goddess of Pure Potential can open the way for you to increase your income, start a successful business, and do the work that you enjoy. She can guide you to the steps necessary for bring family harmony, peace of mind, and love into your life. She can teach you the way to joy and laughter, and she can inspire you to heal your body, mind, and spirit. The Goddess of Pure Potential lives within you, and She lives in all that is. She is life! She is love! She is abundance, good health, and light. She is everywhere you look, in everything beautiful.

You have unlimited potential. What is your vision of the person you wish to be?

One symbol is included in this system to help you to connect to the energy of the Goddess of Pure Potential

Founder:  Linda Colibert