Inter-Dimensional Relaxation ChamberInter-Dimensional Relaxation Chamber is a spiritual technology brought to us by the Inter-Dimensional Relaxation Team.  You may already be familiar with the Inter-Dimensional Medical Team.  All of these Inter-Dimensional Beings of Eternal Sacred Source are skilled at working through time and space for the health of our body and being.

The inter-dimensional quality of this energy system is that this relaxation chamber attends to all of who you are, wherever and whenever you are.  This is more than simply aligning your energy fields and dropping away discordant energy patterns.  The Inter-Dimensional Relaxation Team can see the other “you’s”, aspects of you that exist in other realities and their health or dis-ease can contribute to how you are feeling in the here and now.  From a more quantum physics point of view, there are various levels of this reality in which we exist.  Energy systems may not address these levels of waves and particles that are still part of us because energy systems generally are a result of co-creation between humans and Divinity.  The energy flow is faster and smoother when we invite the assistance of beings whose specialty is to work in regions we might not know even exist.

As you work more and more with the Inter-Dimensional Relaxation Chamber it may be easier to reach a deeper level of relaxation more quickly.  You can activate this energy chamber in ten minute increments or set an intention for a longer period of time.

Anyone can receive this attunement, but Inter-Dimensional Relaxation Chamber can only be passed to others if you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture