Kundalini AwakeningKundalini literally means ‘coiled’.  It is an energy that remains coiled potential until it awakens and begins to move and rise through your body.  It is part of your subtle body, which consists of nadis (energy channels), chakras (energy centers), prana (subtle energy), and bindu (drops of essence).  Your Kundalini can help you learn about yourself and actually understand spiritual knowledge, thus gaining spiritual wisdom.  It reveals itself in helping people have a more direct or “real” experience with the spiritual realms and that which is spiritual in themselves.

Kundalini Awakening enlivens and beckons your Kundalini energies to arise and move through your body.  The actual “awakening” of your Kundalini happens when you and your body are ready.

This system gently dissolves away blocks or “corks” which currently limit your kindling’s rise up your spine.  Sometimes there are blocks or “corks” in other energy pathways in your body as well.  These could be the initial blocks of being in a physical body or could be due to traumas.  Any energetic limitations that you are ready to release will drop away, facilitating a smooth emergence and rise for your Kundalini.

Your Kundalini will move through your body when it is ready.  If your Kundalini is already awake, you can look forward to more balance and for your Kundalini to express itself in a new way after this attunement.

Some things to look forward to after your attunement:
Sexual Magnetism
Self Confidence
Spiritual Confidence
Your personal energy demands respect, and you shall be treated respectfully
Clearing of old unwanted sexual imprints from previous interaction
Your body will feel safer when you next choose to be sexual with someone
Increased physical strength in fight or flight situations
Increased psychic protection
Increased ability to naturally burn away toxins
Increased creativity
Ease of understanding spiritual concepts
Stronger, more real direct experiences with Divinity
Less loneliness as you connect more deeply with yourself and Eternal Sacred Source
Replenishing arrives and fills you naturally whenever you need it

Kundalini Awakening energy system consists of three levels.

1.  Kundalini Awakening Level 1:  this is usually a clearing away of old imprints of sexual interaction or abuse.  It can also cleanse you when you haven’t engaged sexually but accepted lies that other people told you about your body.  Kundalini will move through you as gentle and strong waves to cleanse.

2.  Kundalini Karma Completion:  is designed to zero out inappropriate or unbalanced karmic connections or contracts, bringing completion within.  Your Kundalini can be entangled with the agreements and connections you have with your home, tribe, family, sexual encounters, sexual interests and attractions as well as creative expressions of all kinds.  This level helps you to clear out karma in all directions of space and time.

3.  Kundalini Balance:  this allows you the ability to pass the Kundalini Awakening energy system to others IF you are already a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher.

Anyone may accept the attunements to this energy system, but only Reiki or Seichim Master Teachers may pass Kundalini Awakening onward to other people

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture