Lunar Butterfly ReikiLunar Butterfly Reiki is a variant of Reiki which aids the process of deep karmic release where there is a sense of something forcing its way to the surface.  Use Lunar Butterfly Reiki when deep past life patterns or habits are attempting to merge onto the conscious level.  Such patterns have been held down in the lower levels of the subconscious in order to be denied or repressed; consequently they find it difficult and painful to be released.  When the rise there can be a sense of disgust, regret, guilt, shame or other negative emotions around the patterns as they force their way out.  This system affords a greater ease of passage for the release into consciousness of the deep Karma.

Lunar Butterfly Reiki is for souls who have in a previous life been wounded by their inability to let go of intense emotions that have emerged out of suffering.  Such souls did not release, forgive and move on in a previous life and are continuing the same or very similar dysfunctional patterns in their present incarnation.

Lunar Butterfly Reiki can help liberate souls from past suffering, no matter what or how the issue or issues arose:  it has a universal application.  The soul may be holding onto the pain created in a past life sexual relationship, a traumatic event or accident, issues with authority, parental problems, a physical or mental health issue or restrictions of freedom and self-expression.  These are just a few examples of situations that may be helped using this energy system.

A symbol and a meditation are provided in the manual to help you to connect to the energy of this system


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso