Mahatma Avatar of SynthesisMahatma Avatar of Synthesis is an activation to a high-energy system of the Modern Era.  The Mahatma Energy is also known as the Grid of God.  Only the Mahatma Energy enables you to work directly in your soul.  Now that the energies have increased on Earth and Lady Gaia is Awakening, it is possible to receive in full measure this high energy vibration of the modern age.

Mahatma is a field of the highest energies now available on planet Earth.  It is a connecting link between us and the divine source.  The Mahatma Energy is building us a bridge of light, the antakarana, which leads to the source.  This energy helps us increase our own frequency to the level of the source of all being, which supports our personal ascension.

Every human being is exposed to the increasing flow in the magnetic love energy and receives it consciously or unconsciously.  Due to the our light bodies expand.  In earlier times 70% was the maximum extension possible for our light bodies.  In modern times the energy on earth is highly increased, allowing a possible expansion of more than 88%.

Melek Metatron facilitates this high-energy activation to connect you to your Mahatma personal master.  Your light bridge or Antakarana is connected directly to the source if your soul is ready.

Prerequisite:  Ascendency Energy


Founder:  Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer