Mahatma God's GridMahatma God’s Grid is an activation to a high-energy system in the frequency of 999.  The Mahatma Energy is also known as the grid of God.  Thre are aspects of God from the Divine Thought Field.  Only the Mahatma Energy enables you to work directly in your soul.  Now that the energies have increased on planet Earth and Lady Gaia is Awakening it is possible for the first time to receive this high energy in the vibration of the modern age.

Mahatma is a field of the highest energies that are now available in full on planet Earth.  It is a connecting link between us, and the divine source.  In this high-energy activation you will be connected with God’s grid.  Highest frequencies are included in your soul.  Your four bodies will be realigned t the Divine Thought Field and your cellular memories that no longer serve you will be removed.

Now who you really are and what your Earth mission is.

Prerequisite:  Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis


Founder:  Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer