Medication By-Product RemoverWhen prescribed medications are used as instructed they can improve people’s lives and help our body in many ways.  Most medications need to be transformed before a body can excrete them.  Medication By-Product Remover helps to quickly shift the by products created by your body’s metabolism from toxic into ones that can easily be excreted.  Our bodies are designed to be able to break down and remove many kinds of foreign substances they encounter.  Medications are seen by the body as foreign substances.  The liver is the main organ responsible for breaking down medications.

During your body’s transformation of chemical medical substances they may become chemically more reactive and maybe even toxic.  This is what Mariah Windsong Couture, the founder of this system refers to as Medication By-Products.  The substance was a purposeful medication.  In the phase of preparing it to be removed from the body it is more dangerous to you.  It can combine with other chemical compounds in our body and cause problems.

Medication By-Product Remover was designed to foster your body’s ability to move chemical compounds, be they medication, pollutants or other drugs out as swiftly as possible so that your body has a better opportunity to remove them instead of possibly being stored in toxic form.  If you are taking medications regularly you may choose to reactivate this energy system twice to three times a day.  Medication By-Product Remover is energy guided by Eternal Light Beings.  It allows for the proper function of your prescribed medication to happen for you.  It encourages your body to swiftly transform the already shifting chemical compounds into ones that can readily leave your body.

Medication By-Product Remover can be activated for yourself or others.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture