Personal Solar EnergyPersonal Solar Energy is a strong and powerful energetic system to increase our personal power and self-esteem, manifestation, creativity and feeling centered.  This is an area of our responsibility for others, caring for others, personal honor and courage will emerge.  It influences very strongly at our Solar Plexus Chakra to stimulate our “Will Power” and assist the improvement of the chakras below it, the Sacral and Base Chakras.

Personal Solar Energy promotes our ability in survival mode on day-to-day life activities.  This system provides us an improvement of our finances as is energy aids manifesting money.  The energy flow to the Solar Plexus chakra will increase tremendously, thus allowing us to develop a stronger will, a clear sense of self and ability to manifest on all levels.

This system has great healing properties for the spleen, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, stomach and the area in the middle of our back so that it can provide us with a healthy digestive system.  Its energy is very related to increasing the absorption of life force or prana, and assists us in maintaining our body’s well-being.

Personal Solar Energy makes alignment into the chakras in the area of the lower tan tien and strengthens its energy radiation, providing a natural psychic shield that prevents negative psychic energy from being deposited in the body.

The manual includes:

Body Center Meditation

Personal Solar Activation

Healing with Personal Solar Energy

Founder:  Jalu Wasonoadi