Purple Fire HealingPurple Fire Healing helps resolve the causes of your most limiting condition by strongly breaking up the pockets of physical and inner disharmony that are perpetuating it.  This energy speeds the resolution of any karma associated with this condition so that your healing can be more swift, profound and complete.

In general, physical health problems are not limited to the physical body but have roots on inner levels as well.  Purple Fire addressed both outer and inner levels of a condition.  It works holistically to identify and resolve the physical manifestation of a condition as well as its energetic roots.  It will also address the attitude’s influence on your karma in creating unhealthy patterns and on emotional factors that make you susceptible to the ailment.

The first step in resolving these conditions is to reestablish a healthy balance between harmony and disharmony.  Either the harmony must be increased or the disharmony decreased, or both.  To truly cure a condition requires that the karmic conditions surrounding it be resolved.  Even if you are able to eliminate the physical manifestation of a disease, the disharmony will continue to dominate and eventually will manifest again.  It might appear in a different area or ailment, but it will return.  By stimulating the karmic issues involved, Purple Fire Healing provides you with a better opportunity to resolve them.  The circumstances surrounding the illness will come to a head more swiftly and thereby allow you to hasten the karmic resolution.


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso