Aura FlushThe Aura Flush is a very gentle, cleansing energy that sweeps through the aura and clears it of negative energy and thought-forms.  It is easy to use and activated by simple intention, both in person and at a distance.  It is an excellent compliment to Reiki or any other energy healing system.

The aura is the part of our energy field that surrounds us and protects us, and is our projection out to the world.  As we go through life we can collect negative energies in our aura.  This brings down over overall energy.  Cleansing the aura regularly will help rejuvenate our spirit as well as improve our projection to the outer world.

Benefits include:

Improved sense of happiness and well-being

More physical and emotional energy

Release of negative thought forms that are creating problems in life


Aura Flush works very well together with Aura Repair Empowerment

Founder:  Nicole Lanning

Sent by chi ball only.