Celestial Golden Chi 1 and 2


The Celestial Golden Chi helps us to take charge of our own life and to increase our capacity for positive change.  One can experience a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life.  It will resonate with our own bio-energy field, thus your energy field will begin to resonate to the higher frequencies raising your personal bio-energy signature to new and higher levels.

When you work with Celestial Golden Chi you intuition greatly increases as your third eye chakra balances, energizes and opens up, giving you greater psychic abilities.

When you resonate at a high vibratory rate you have a more positive attitude as negative energies or thought forms seem to drop away.

Celestial Golden Chi neutralizes detrimental energies and only lets in the positive higher energies as you are protected from negative psychic influence with a protective energy shield.

You can manifest more powerfully when your vibratory rate is at an ultra high frequency because you have a more powerful connection to your higher self and the universal intelligence.  The growth and expansion received from this system helps you to build on your old frameworks without any trauma.  You will have a new perspective and therefore make better choices.  When your consciousness is expanded you will be more objective and therefore more empowered.



Advanced Golden Chi:  allows the exploration of a profound state of contemplation or quieting down of the mind, providing you with Greater Focus, Smoother Thoughts, Deeper Thought.  This energy shifts our brain to more of the right side, which allows you to explore life in a way that is more abstract, artistic, emotional, intuitive and with deeper mean which will inevitably bring about greater levels of understanding and wisdom.

Golden Star of Chi:  will gently and slowly raise your energies and consciousness to higher and greater and higher levels of understanding in complete balance.  The Golden Star of Chi communicates with your DNA, signaling and attuning it to resonate with the Divine Flow of the Universe, The Holy Spirit, The Creative Life Force, The Supreme Creator Energy.

Golden Chi Soul Sequence:  is a direct connection to a high level of creation that programs life itself as we know it, a direct Higher Self Connection that is beyond time and space.  This sequence will gently assist in purging out negative energies from your aura and consciousness, this may lead to rapid detoxification on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Pure Golden Light of Chi:  captures and radiates out a golden Light that is cleansing, rejuvenating and refreshing.  It seeks to put our consciousness in a state, which will quickly transfer our mind from the Beta state into a deep Alpha and Delta state of mind.

Golden Chi Purity:  penetrates and resonates to very high levels of reality in which our intuition and understanding is all knowing and connected with the cosmic divine creative life force which gently guides and sustains all forms of life as we know it.  A deep sense of connection and loving detached clear understanding of life may start to emerge.

Golden Palms Chi:  helps to energize our body, calm our nerves and harmonize our soul


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso