Chakra FireChakra Fire has a very high frequency energy level, which operates to cleanse and balance our chakras.  It burns away blockages, clogs or jams due to any negative patterning we have encountered in our day, promoting our chakras to operate freely.  Our energy levels will increase, the energy in the physical and subtle bodies are balanced, and our subtle body aligns to our physical body.

Chakra Fire also encourages spiritual growth and transformation.  It is a wonderful purifier that peels away the layers to the pure being within.  Use this energy to support the process of cleansing and renewal and to transform matter into light.  It helps to unlock the most sacred part of an individual, revealing one of the last bastions of inner secrets and ancient knowledge that you posses.  Chakra Fire stimulates us back to the moment when the soul originally chose the life purpose for its earthly incarnations.  We will be inspired and motivated to follow our life path and fulfill our highest destiny.  All of our life will go forward.

There are five attunements in this system.

Major Chakra Fire Attunement:  works within our chakras and aura at the same time to present a clean and balance within our energy field.  It is also a chakra empowerment, our chakras and aura increase into their highest levels.

Channels Chakra Fire Attunement:  opens, cleanses and strengthens our energy channels.  It can reveal our highest and hidden potentials within our entire life.  It allows the stream of energy we flow to others to move freely, helping us perform healing and treatment sessions for others.

Golden Egg Chakra Fire Attunement:  is a strong protection energy to provide a golden egg shape energetic shield.  It has the power of the sun.  This attunement also helps to harmonize our personal and environmental energies and amplify the results of all spiritually focused activities.  It assists un in attaining conscious expansion by preparing you to receive and hold the increasing flow of higher energies.

Transformation Chakra Fire Attunement:  is a doorway to the re-patterning of old beliefs and brings pearls of wisdom into your present reality awareness.  It is frees and cleanses you from entanglements, past traumatic events, karmic imprints and ancestral lines.  It presents a “rebirth” phase of your life in harmony and balance.

Antennae Chakra Fire Attunement:  is used to infuse an object as an emitter frequency of Chakra Fire energy, and is useful to facilitate protection and healing channels


Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana