New Energizing Chakras

New Energizing Chakras is used to energize Chakras and open up the Energy Field to clear and open new inner doorways.

It works on the energy body from Heart Chakra to Third Eye Chakra and from the Crown Chakra to the highest Chakras, opening and stabilizing them to allow one’s body energy to hold and access higher frequencies.  We can use it to align and open all the chakras on a daily basis.

New Energizing Chakras activates the upper chakras, allowing for an expanded awareness and to connect one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions and the beings of “Light” who reside there.  Its high vibrational energy helps to raise/increase one’s own vibrations so one can recognize one’s real nature as a “Light Being” and thus helps with the Ascension Process.

The seven energetic functions of this system hold a very high vibration associated with each chakra.  Each function works by being in your energy field or aura, works deeply on many levels to open, energize and balance each chakra.

Light Chakra Bridge Empowerment:  opens and energizes the upper chakras, linking them with the Christ energy or oversoul.  It opens and channels energies from the higher subtle planes down to the crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Energizing:  clears, opens and energizes the Third Eye and Crown Chakra area and clears any stuck energy around the upper head and above.

Heart Chakra Link:  opens, links and aligns the Navel, Heart and Throat chakras, expanding the energy out into the aura.

Body Alignment:  aligns and attunes the body and cells to the divine purpose.  This function aligns the body cells with divine purpose and direction, and grounds the energy so we can work and operate in the now.

Chakra Aura Release:  helps release blocked or confused energy and old patterns from the chakras and aura.

Chakra Aura Protection:  works to bring the aura and chakra energy closer to the body and help prevent other energies from interfering with your aura and Chakras.

Spiritual Direction Empowerment:  creates a spiritual place within the body and redirects the focus towards the spiritual, helpful for meditation and centering your energy into spiritual energy.  This empowerment is Autonomous and works primarily when you are in a mediation state


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso