Spider WomanIn the beginning, there was the dark purple light at the dawn of beginning.  Spider Woman spun a line to form the east, west, north and south.  Breath entered man at the time of the yellow light.  At the time of the red light, man proudly faced his creator.  Spider Woman used the clay of the earth, red, yellow, white and black to create people.  To each she attached a thread of her web, which came from the doorway at the top of her head.  This thread was the gift of creative wisdom.

Spider Woman is also Thought Woman or Creation Thinker Woman.  As she thins, so we are.  The Spirit is all – it flows in and out of everything – it embraces the earth – it encompasses the Universe.  It is the earth.  It is the universe.  Spirit is universal.

Spider Woman, creator and weaver of life, is the great teacher, protector and Mother of all creation to many southwestern Native American Cultures.  As Earth Mother, Spider woman created all vegetation, birds and animals.

Spider Woman as Creator and Mother affirms that women are essential and central to the life process.  She reminds us that people of all races were created from the same source, with equal rights and responsibilities.  As a sustainer, Spider Woman is always urging us to reconnect to our own spiritual source of higher power.  She tells us that our natural role is to live in peace and harmony, with reverence toward the earth and its beings.

Spider Woman empowers women to keep the dream of life alive and encourages them to continue weaving their dreams, even in times of despair and unknowing.

We stand at a place where we can transform our lives with inner healing, planetary healing, and taking responsibility for our choices and our decisions.

The manual includes tales and legends of Spider Woman and explains her symbols.

Founder:  Elizabeth (Starlightowl) Hibel