Vitamin and Mineral Assimilation HealingVitamin and Mineral Assimilation Healing connects you to the ethereal realm of vitamins and minerals, your higher self and Spirit.  This system works to help you absorb and assimilate the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy and happy.  Many people suffer from being unable to absorb nutrition from what they eat, due to illness, eating disorders, cancer treatments, emotional stress, chemical imbalances and many other reasons.

Certain illnesses in animals can cause wasting, or the inability to digest food or eat.  In working with animals that have been abused, and starved, or that have food allergies or the inability digest and absorb nutrients for any reason, this system may prove life saving.  It works very well with animals, just as with humans.

The manual contains four symbols to help use this system with both humans and animals

Founders:  Tracey Hanson and Linda Colibert