Weight Loss BoosterWeight Loss Booster actively lends support to your weight loss by helping to restore the flow of healthy healing life force energies throughout the energies channels of your body while simultaneously flushing stagnant energies from the liver.  As deep rooted energy is released, pristine life force energy called chi streams through your energy channels, crating a healthy environment and allowing for healing to occur.

Weight Loss Booster actively lends support to and amplifies any weight loss efforts you may be currently using and is compatible to use with other weight loss energy systems.  Any supplements you currently take for weight loss will be boosted to help your body to process them better.

Weight Loss Booster Benefits include but are not limited to:
Augmented Weight Loss
Boost Metabolism
Feel More Energetic
Increase Blood Flow
Intensification of Chi/Ki Flow
Release Stagnant Energy
Restoration of Chi/Ki Flow

Red Tiger’s Eye speeds a sluggish metabolism.  This system contains a function that enables you to make an Ethereal Crystal Elixir with red tiger’s eye energy, even if you don’t have the physical stone on hand.

Founder:  Rosemary Noel