Weight Loss Healing Flush EmpowermentThe Weight Loss Healing Flush Empowerment is given to us by Spirit to clear anything that blocks the ability to access our own body wisdom so that we can access what we need within us to accomplish our weight loss and health goals.  Mental, spiritual, and emotional blockages to weight loss success will be cleared away.  This includes all types of blockages and/or self-defeating patterns or beliefs such as comfort eating where one tries to mask or avoid difficult emotions through negative eating patterns.  Stuck emotions from past and current life traumas will be removed so that the body will stop storing the fat and begin burning it instead.  Self-sabotage patterns will be corrected.

As the healing energy of this system is run it will work to change the body’s inner energy composition to heal the inner self and provide a strong foundation and positive frame of mind for healthy limit setting and eating.  It will promote self-love and self-care.  It will help to overcome poor eating habits such as the tendency toward overeating, immobility, depression, sexual issues or any other phobias.

Weight Loss Healing Flush Empowerment allows you to access the power and knowledge within you to succeed in your Weight Loss Goals.  This healing system is designed to help to address, release and heal the internal blockages that are preventing or hindering your efforts to lose weight and keep the weight off permanently.  A great benefit is stress reduction and relaxation, which will naturally trigger the body’s natural healing abilities and improve and maintain health.

This system can be used both for yourself and others.

Founder:  Tracey Loper