Mercury Retrograde NeutralizerMercury Retrograde happens a few times a year.  This means that the planet Mercury appears to reverse direction relative to the perspective of Earth.  Sometimes retrograde periods can just be “ridden through”.  Mercury Retrogrades can be very inconvenient however, and sometimes they wreak a lot of havoc.  During these times communications tend to go awry, electronic equipment malfunctions, it’s not the best time to sign contracts, to get a job, buy expensive equipment or sign loan papers for a new house.  It is not always practical to avoid these things.

What if you absolutely must sign a contract while Mercury is retrograding or do any other things that might be possibly be affected?  It really is just astrological energy, not fate or destiny.  It is simply the energetic weather that we live in.

Much like we can put on a raincoat to protect ourselves from a harsh rainstorm, we can energetically protect ourselves from a bad energetic weather storm.  This is what Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer is for.  It can help smooth the way during a time of retrograde.

Using the Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer, you can mitigate if not totally remove any negative effects of the astrological weather.  Contracts can be signed auspiciously instead of with an air of fatalism or defeat.  New jobs can be undertaken.  Communication can be smoothed out and improved

This energy is very easy to sue. It simply uses intention.  Use it as often as possible during the time of Mercury Retrograde until the situation clears up.  You’ll find this a useful tool to keep your life flowing smoothly instead of sidetracked by Mercury Retrograde phases

Founder:  Stephanie Brail

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