Divine BlissDivine Bliss has a unique and different frequency than other modalities, that connect to all of the chakras.  It stimulates and activates the entire chakric column, allowing for an awakening of Kundalini energies.  The vibrational frequency of Divine Bliss helps to activate your “light body”, stimulating your energy fields.  It opens the Third eye and Crown chakras so that you may become aware of the true nature of your being, making it excellent for enhancing visualization and intuition, and for bringing contact with the wise masters of the Universe.  It allows you to feel connected to the group consciousness of the Universe.

Then energy of Divine Bliss acts on the Heart chakra so that an emotional release can bring about feelings of Divine Joy and Divine Bliss.  It also aligns the aura and strengthens the biomagnetic energies, enhances the flow of energy in the physical meridians and harmonizes them with the Earth’s meridian grid, facilitating multidimensional cellular healing.

This system can be used for basic healing and also includes the following functions:

Chakric Column Healing:  aligns and balances the chakras and clears negative blocks that are affecting the balance of the chakric system, aura clearing and basic healing.

Chakras Empowerment:  a Chakras Meditation that uses mudras, which are special hand positions.  The mudras have the power to send more energy to particular chakras.

Lightbody Bliss Activation:  removes negative implants from within the light body if the souls wishes, or reprograms them if removal is not appropriate


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso