Emotions Vibrational FlushEmotions Vibrational Flush brings gentle and loving energy, representing balance, and assisting us with peace and calm in a positive way when we feel too happy or too badly.  It also brings calming energy that helps bring about feelings of relaxation, inner peace and peace within your environment.

Emotions Vibrational Flush is helpful in healing emotional hurts, fear, anger and traumas.  The energy works to release our emotional bond or heals emotional wounds from that past that have caused trauma.  It is helpful I releasing negativity or trauma that has attached to the place where there has been an argument or an accident.

Some other benefits of Emotions Vibrational Flush include:
Gives a boost to self-esteem
Bring some relief to tension and anxiety
Help relieve tension headaches, or body aches associated with tension
Promotes understanding and forgiveness toward oneself
Promotes compassion and understanding towards others

Founder:  Jalu Wasonoadi