Magnificent yOni Healing Annointing and Rejuvenation 2014The Yoni is like a sacred magical beautiful flower.  Do you know the secrets of your flower?  Your Yoni is the gateway to liberation.  Honor, respect and adore your yoni… honor respect and adore yourself!


System Benefits may assist with but not limited to:

Awakening Inherent Sacred Spiritual Sexuality

Development of Stronger Orgasms

Drawing the Right Lover/Partner to You

Emotional, Physical, Ancestral Trauma Removal

Emotional Balancing

Enhanced Yoni Sensitivity

Grounding and Centering

Healthy Reproductive System

Heightened G Spot Response

Heightened States of Consciousness

Reduction of Painful Intercourse

Sacral Chakra Healing


Sexual Etheric Essence Enhancement

Shakti Power

Sexual Imprint Removal

Yin-Yang Balancing

Yoni Clearing

Yoni Healing

Yoni Flush


Included in this system:

Sacral Chakra Clearing Healing

Yoni Trauma Release Healing

Yoni Sacred Flower Flush

Ashwagandha Rejuvenation Essence

Yoni Crystal Essence Infusion

Ethereal Yoni Annointing


This is a powerful upgrade to the original system.

There are two levels to this system and a mandatory 7-day wait between levels.  Level 1 can be received either by chi ball or in real time.  Level 2 is sent by chi ball.


Founder:  Rosemary Noel