Awaken The Tantric Goddess And God Within EmpowermentTantra is for people who know there is something more and desire to combine their sexuality and spirituality.  Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means expansion of consciousness and liberation of energy.  By opening up to our sensual spirituality, we discover parts of us that have been repressed.  We learn to integrate Tantra energy for intimate pleasure and for achieving our life and worldly goals.  In Tantric exchange you bless your partner physically, spiritually, emotionally and energetically.  This exchange promotes joy, beauty, power, wonder and passion, and of course, love.

The goal for Awaken the Tantric God and Goddess Within Empowerment is to release old emotional and sexual wounds that cause pain, grief, loss, confusion and anger and that prevents you from experiencing pure joy, fulfillment, passion and ecstasy with your partner.  In Tantra the goal is for men to worship their Goddess and to awaken the Goddess energy in their partners.

Benefits of this attunement:

1.  Fall in love with your intimate sexual self.

2.  Free your body, mind and spirit of guilt and shame around sexuality.

3.  Open yourself to new heights of sexual ecstasy.

4.  Reclaim your feminine/masculine (yin/yang) spirit

Founders:  Linda Kaye and Rosemary Noel