Goddess Aeval AttunementAeval is the faery queen of Munster, Ireland.  She was a Goddess in the Irish Celtic Pantheon who was “demoted” to Faery Queen by the Early Christians.

Modern Day Benefits of Evoking Aeval
Sexual freedom
Emotional freedom
Visionary poetry
Spells involving sexual satisfaction
Enhancing lovemaking skills
Faery magic
Night magic

Goddess Aeval is the Goddess of Sexuality who teaches us to won up to our divine right to feel sexual aliveness within ourselves.  She teaches women how to please their men.

This attunement is also excellent for men, because they can evoke Goddess Aeval to show them how to honor and please their wives and girlfriends sexually and emotionally.  She teaches men not to take their women (Goddesses) for granted and how to enhance their lovemaking skills

Founder:  Linda Kaye