Into Me You See Reiki AttunementInto Me You See Reiki Attunement is for Intimacy – Into Me You See.  This is a very special attunement for surrendering to emotional and sexual intimacy.  Intimacy means letting someone truly “see” who we are and to know the intimate details of our innermost selves.  It is about surrendering and allowing ourselves to have those intimate sexual and loving moments that we treasure and value so deeply.  Whether single, in a relationship, or married, letting down our defenses for someone to truly see our vulnerability can be a scary experience.  However, surrendering our heart, our mind, our body and our soul to another can also be a freeing experience.  If you have lost yourself on the way to true sexual and emotional intimacy, then this is the attunement for you.

When we completely let our intimacy defenses down, miracles happen – we experience the joy of true emotional and sexual intimacy with oodles and oodles of love in the mix.  When we make that all important decision to “surrender”, our life changes in positive ways and we are empowered to attract and allow people, events, situations and our deepest most profound romantic and intimate dreams to manifest in our life.

Into Me You See Reiki Attunement Benefits include but are not limited to:
Ability to experience emotional and sexual intimacy
Let go of childhood emotional and sexual issues
Let go of past adult emotional and sexual issues
Free yourself of sexual shame and guilt
Heart opening
Experience sexual and emotional euphoria
Ability to commit
More sexual aliveness
Experience joy
More passion
Ability to fall in love
Ability to experience orgasms
Attract love
Attract a sexual partner
Enjoy sex
Allow yourself to be more vulnerable
Experience your sensuality
Feel more sexy
Discover your sexual spiritual self
Increase self-worth
More confidence
Experience body confidence
Heal, love and nurture your inner child

The 5 Intentions of the Into Me You See Reiki Attunement:

1.  Sacral chakra healing, cleansing and balancing

2.  Solar plexus healing, cleansing and balancing

3.  Heart Chakra healing, cleansing and balancing

4.  Bathe in the beautiful warm wonderful energy of intimacy

5.  Increase your ability to experience sexual and sensual pleasure of all kinds with your partner

Founder:  Linda Kaye