Matangi Inner FireMatangi embodies candela’s fire, which is the inner fire within that consumes impurities and transmutes that which hinders the awakening of your inner warrior spirit.  She is a very sensuous Goddess who exemplifies the magnificence, passion and dominion of the jungle where she resides.

Matangi is associated with strong sexual energies.  She confers boons (blessings) and will reveal and dispel deceit, deception, fraud and dishonesty.  Ask her blessings and she will remove obstacles, grant achievements and offer wisdom.  Matangi also offers psychic power and deliverance if your consciousness is bound by traditionalism and the spoken work.

Matangi confers dominance over all forms of inner thought, speech, poetry and music.  She rules the throat chakra and is associated with vast and unrestrained knowledge.

Matangi’s mantra, which is part of this attunement, brings attainment of all longing and protection by the sacred fire.  She is the giver all mantras so we might communication with all the Great Goddesses.

This system also teaches you about the Yantra or sacred geometry power symbol and the Yantra Procedure.

Matangi may assist with:
Bestowing Boons (Blessings)
Candela (Inner Power)
Disarming Enemies
Psychic Development
Revealing Deceit
Removing Obstacles
Spiritual Expansion
Warrior Spirit

Founder: Rosemary Noel