Musk Essence EmpowermentMusk is the name originally given to a perfume obtained from a substance with a strong odor, secreted by a gland of the Musk Deer.  Other animals and some plants smell similar.  In the plant kingdom it can be found as “common musk” (Mimulus inoschalus), in wood-musk, and the “seed of musk” of Hibiscus Abelmoschus.

Musk Essence Empowerment allows you to obtain the essential properties of this perfume without buying the actual product, thus contributing to the preservation of the same species, and without recourse to animal cruelty made against this species for the extraction of this essence.

The Musk Essence Empowerment will help you to:
Be more attractive to the opposite sex
More sensual
Greater capacity for seduction
Good humor
Arouses passions

The Musk Empowerment acts as a potion of love and passion.  It will cause the release of pheromones, attracting the opposite sex more easily, thus being more sensual and receptive.

The manual includes the Meditation of the Musk Deer

Founder:  Maria Joao Sereno

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