Sexual Empowerment

Level One:
Sexual Empowerment is an energy that is very similar to Usui Reiki but pays more special attention to problems dealing with your sex life.  The energy of this system is a fire type of Reiki or energy in that it comes from the Earth rather than from above like Reiki, thus it is involved with the Kundalini.  It is a warm loving energy with a lot of passion in it.  The energy can be used on animals that have problems having their offspring or any problems that animals may have.

Level Two:
Sexual Empowerment Level Two takes up where Level One stopped.  It goes into more detail of what this system can do and has the addition of other symbols.  You will learn to deal with those that have been abused with sex, and to use it with fertility problems in both humans and animals.

This is a soft energy but it is not weak, it is very powerful.

Anyone can receive Level One of Sexual Empowerment.


Prerequisite for Sexual Empowerment Level Two:  You must be a Usui Reiki Master and have been attuned to Sexual Empowerment Level One

Founder:  Roger T. Hill

Sent by chi ball only.