Star of IshtarThe star of Ishtar is the brightest star you see in the night sky, for they are all her starts.  In fact, Ishtar means star.  She is the morning star and the evening star.  Goddess Ishtar has been described as a beautiful, voluptuous woman who was desired by all men.  She is associated with love, fertility and war.

Men and women prayed to Goddess Ishtar for everything and anything, including maidenhood or manhood, fertility, sexual power, hunting, sacred sexual healing, multiple births, female power, pleasure, sexual liberation, passion and sexual satisfaction.  It was also common for Goddess Ishtar to be invoked for things such as protection, victory, cleverness, defeating enemies, guidance, courage, harmony, strength, guidance, boldness, order, escaping danger and wisdom.

Goddess Ishtar is a Goddess of fertility, sexual power, pregnancy, birth, everything female, passion, love, sexual life, justice, healing and war.  She is a combination of other divinities and as such she is one that is a powerful image to all women and all the aspects of a Goddess.  She represents the endless possibilities of the Goddess within each of us.  She was the true Goddess, united in all her aspects of femininity and womanhood.  She did not rely on the power of any man to help her reign as she reigned in her own power and wisdom.

Goddess Ishtar can be invoked to help with compassion, benevolence, forgiveness, wishes, desires, passion, sex, all areas of love, dreams, goals, protection, guidance in walking between the worlds, magick, all aspects of healing, releasing shame, taking decisive action, joy, happiness, hope, spells, longevity, vitality, order, cleverness, virility, sexual power, sexual liberation, sexual satisfaction, confusion, clearing blocks, beauty, bravery, courage, defeating enemies, relieving suffering of any kind, making decisions, escaping danger, protecting those who are oppressed or mistreated, ambition, goals, sexual healing, feminine and masculine power and balance, fertility, everything female, intuition, clarity, empathy and justice.

She further rules lust, love, sex, sexuality, war, warfare, procreation, rain, ambition, fate, comets, aggressiveness, impatience, duality, desire, dangerous love, physical passion, forbidden love, solar eclipses, all-consuming love, the vital force, the waters of life, the fertility of fields and flocks, and everything that happens.

Ishtar was the ruler of the moon and the morning and evening stars.  The stars with which she ruled were a representation to the people she served of her lustful energies, her true feminine embodiment and warlike presence.  She also represents balance between the positive and negative forces of life.  Goddess Ishtar dares us to dream!

The extensive manual for Star of Ishtar contains:
Myths and legends of Goddess Ishtar
Programming a stone with Ishtar’s energies for passion
Invocation to Goddess

Founder:  Tracey Loper