The Goddess Spot AttunementThe Goddess Spot Attunement is for both single women and women who are in relationships, and for the men who love and desire them.

Expressing who you are as a sensual and sexual woman is your divine right as a woman.  The G Spot is one of the most pleasurable places on a woman’s body.  The power is within you to experience your Goddess treasure and to embrace it.  This attunement is especially beneficial for pre- and post- menopausal women to return to the Juicy Goddesses that they are meant to be by divine right.  It is also helpful for women who have experienced sexual trauma, guilt, fear, etc.

By embracing the Sacred Feminine within you, you are acknowledging your divine right to express your sensuality and sexuality.  The Goddess Spot Attunement helps you to connect to your sacred spot.  “Sexy” is a feeling inside of you.  Through this attunement you will be able to connect with your own inner sexy divine spirit and to capture “feeling sexy.”

Goddess Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love Beauty and Sexual Rapture.  This attunement connects you with her sensual and sexual energy.  She will assist and guide you during your attunement.  You may also call upon Aphrodite when you need to release fears and blockages that limit you from expressing your sexual self.  The energy of The Goddess Spot Attunement can be used alone or with a partner.

Sent by chi ball only.

Prerequisite:  You must be 18 years of age or older to receive this attunement.

Founder:  Linda Kaye