Magick & Abundance of the Pine and Cedar

The Magick and Abundance of the Pine and Cedar Empowerment connects you to the spirit of these fragrant evergreens to help you become more empowered in the ways that bring in more abundance and positive energies.  The Pine and Cedar trees are often tall and massive trees that represent abundance and happiness.  Working with the spirit of these trees will draw in the magick of abundance as well as enhance harmony in relationships.

Cedar wood banishes nightmares, attracts money and purifies your home or sacred space.  Burning cedar wood is also good for meditation as its fragrance lifts your mood and heightens intuition.  The leaves of cedar can be carried to draw money.  The energies can be used physically or etherically.  With use of this attunement and your focus on the cedar energies you will find you’re your connection to the spirit of the cedar is quick and the energies begin working for you immediately.  Use of the symbol enhances the powers and speeds up the results.

Pine is a towering tree that provides food in the form of pine nuts, and shelter in the form of homes and furniture, and in the wild provides all the animals need to survive for winter.  For us as spiritual beings who feel a love of nature, we see the message of the pine as it communicates to us through the signs of nature.  The message and lesson is to trust that all we need and more will be provided for us also.  The pine brings abundance, healing and possibilities.

Pine and cedar are sacred offerings to Divinity.  Pinecones bring good luck and positive abundance and prosperity.  In winter we find hope in the evergreen as they remind us that rebirth is near.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)